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  Rule Book for 
  Discovery Awards 

  1. The International participants will run the project under the name of ‘Discovery Awards’

  2. Similar to the title, the logo (to be designed) and Tagline also be universal

  3. Once the participant countries sign up with discovery website, they will be given International Knowledge transfer toolkit. From that they will get to know about the Pattern of the project

  4. After getting an idea from toolkit, they can start the discovery awards project in their countries. It is the guidelines for them from planning to cataloguing the solution videos.

  5. The process of collecting the solution videos among the pwds community, they can follow their own strategy in terms of volunteers, outreach program, target for solution videos. But they have to follow the category for the solution videos which Project discovery India follows.

  6. They are the owner of the project, but Project discovery India will hold the brand authenticity. Website is common for all the country partners. 

  7. Whatever activities they are doing for this project will be placed in discovery awards website wall. like participated NGO, solution videos, volunteers, other stakeholder participants etc.

  8. Videos can be in any vernacular/sign language, the submitted catalogable videos will be uploaded in EI labs YouTube channel with English subtitles.

  9. The country partners can encourage their Volunteers to register themselves in discovery awards website.

  10. Discovery awards will follow one country – one partner model. But any individual from any country is welcomed to submit their solution videos in their respective country page in our website. 

  11. Two videos from each country will be selected

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