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dis - disability

covery - a dispelling of false or misleading notions


“The Art of Covery - This is as important and interesting as Dis-covery. Surely the glory of finally getting rid of and burying a long and troublesome matter should be as great as that of making an important discovery.”

The Note-books of Samuel Butler, Samuel Butler (1921)

Image by Nick Fewings


When we talk about assistive solutions for persons with disabilities, we often think of high-tech solutions. But in their daily lives, persons with disability may use many low-tech or even self-invented solutions to break or bypass the barriers to achieve productivity. Around the world, persons with disability and the people in their support networks come out with new solutions that promote accessibility and inclusion in various ways. The solution-centric mindset rooted in the belief, ‘Everyone is an innovator’, has the potential to scale up the empowerment of persons with disabilities. Discovery Awards is an international platform which recognizes innovative solutions and showcases the stories of grassroot innovators from around the world!

The idea originated out of Project Discovery in India, an initiative to collect, catalogue and disseminate assistive solutions from across the country. Appreciating the concept for the value it places with the grassroot creators, the international community joined the movement.


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